Planned Giving

Dear Parishioner,

Our Parish Planned Giving records have not been reviewed in at least the last five years and therefore urgently need to be updated.

We therefore ask each Parishioner who is a Member of Planned Giving to complete a new 2021 Planned Giving Revision Form so that we can update our Parish Records.

If you already completed one last year in 2020 or earlier in 2021 then there is no need to complete another one as your details would have been updated already.

All details provided are securely saved in the Parish database and will not be shared with any Third Party or unauthorised persons.

There are many names on the Planned Giving Register that are no longer Members of the Planned Giving Campaign, or where the amount Pledged is not the amount received. This discrepancy affects our ability to budget on a monthly basis.

We therefore ask each Planned Giving Member to update the following via the form below;  

Amount Pledged (please update /renew your pledged contribution based on your current circumstances)

Contribution Frequency (Weekly / Monthly / Annually)

Membership Status (Renew your Membership / Register as a new Member / Cancel your current Membership)

The difficult economic climate resulting from the Pandemic is affecting each of us differently, so it is completely understandable if you are no longer able to maintain your Planned Giving Pledge(s). If you feel that you are unable to continue to contribute towards the Parish’s Planned Giving Campaign on a regular basis, we ask that you please cancel your Membership via the form, as this will assist our Parish in being able to budget.

If you are not yet a Member of Planned Giving and would like to join, you can do so via the form below too.

You can complete the Form below or you can Click Here to open the Online Planned Giving form in a new window.

We thank you for your continued generosity towards the Parish as Planned Giving Members.