Parish Website Update – PPC/PFC/APC

Dear Parishioners,

As we gear up towards the PPC Nominations and Elections, we can anticipate a number of publications to be received from the Archdiocese on this topic.

To avoid spamming everyone each time an update is received, these resources / updates will not be published on the homepage of our Parish Website, as that triggers an automatic email to all subscribers, rather, a new tab has been created on the menu bar.

All updates and Resources relating to the PPC / PFC / APC will be uploaded to these pages and will be accessible to anyone at any time, as we receive updates from the Archdiocese we shall publish them to those pages too.

You will therefore not receive any email notifications when a new update is published regarding PPC/PFC/APC, however, you are encouraged to regularly check these pages in order to remain updated with what is happening within our Parish and the Archdiocese.


Fr. John