Amendments to the Parish’s Covid-19 Guidelines

Dear Parishioners,

After an update by the Minister of Health to the Covid-19 Regulations as Gazetted on 22 June 2022, the following amendments to our Parish’s response to the Covid-19 Pandemic are herewith implemented with immediate effect;

(1) It will no longer be a requirement to wear a face mask inside the church building.

(2) We are no longer required to observe a “maximum capacity” inside the church building, and therefore there is no longer a limit on the number of Parishioners that may attend a Celebration of Holy Mass or funeral.

As the Archbishop has already repealed the dispensation to not attend Holy Mass as of 11 June 2022, and as we are no longer limited to the number of Parishioners that may gather inside the church building, the obligation to attend Holy Mass on the Sabbath and any other Holy Day of Obligation is once more applicable to all Roman Catholics in the Archdiocese of Cape Town, and therefore to all Parishioners of Atlantis Parish.

Holy Communion will continue to be distributed under one kind only, this to avoid sharing the chalice but more so because the Parish cannot afford the wine to distribute Communion under both kinds. Although all our restrictions have been lifted, it is of course advisable to remain vigilant, and within reason continue to observe reasonable social distancing.

Once school holidays have ended our Sunday 08h00 Mass will be reinstated. The exact date will be advised closer to the time.

It is indeed good news that these changes are able to be implemented as this means that life within the Parish is able to return to what it was pre-lockdown.

I thank each and every Parishioner for his/her understanding and patience over the last two years as we have worked together to overcome extremely difficult and unprecedented challenges, however, although challenging at times, we have been able to get through the difficult times and the challenges and can now look to the future to build a stronger Community together, all for the greater glory of God.

Ad maiorem Dei gloriam,

Rev. Fr. John E. Keough
Parochial Administrator,
St. John the Baptist Catholic Church,