National Census 2022

Attention all Atlantis residents!

We have just two (2) days remaining to play our part and Get Counted for the Census 2022 to ensure that all funds due to the Western Cape come our way.

The Western Cape has been granted an extension until 14 May 2022.

Ensure that you Get Counted and partake in the National Census.

Please Click Here to complete the National Census for you and your Family.

Please share this important update via your various Parish Social Media Groups and to all those Parishioners who are not subscribed to our website updates.

Luke 2:1-5; “In those days a decree went out from Caesar Augustus that the whole world should be enrolled. This was the first census, when Quirinius was governor of Syria. So all went to be enrolled, each to his own town. And Joseph too went up from Galilee from the town of Nazareth to Judea, to the city of David that is called Bethlehem, because he was of the house and family of David, to be enrolled with Mary, his betrothed, who was with child.”