Extended Suspension of Holy Mass

Dear Parishioners,

Please take note that as Level 3 Lockdown Regulations have been extended throughout South Africa, we are in the position whereby we need to extend the suspension of the Public Celebration of Holy Mass.

As such, please note that all Celebrations of Holy Mass in the Parish will be cancelled until 19 February 2021, and will resume on Saturday, 20 February 2021.

This date, however, is subject to change again should there be any further changes to the current regulations. If there are any changes all updates will be communicated via our Parish website.

I urge all Parishioners to subscribe to the Parish website in order to receive all updates regarding the resumption of Holy Mass in the Parish, and I ask that those who are subscribed please share these updates with those who are not.

We encourage those, wherever possible, who contribute to the Parish via Planned Giving, to please continue to do so via EFT, as your generosity in this regard is helping to sustain our Parish during this difficult time.

Please feel free to download below the official letter regarding the suspension of the Public Celebration of Holy Mass and share it throughout the Parish.

I pray that you and your families will remain safe and healthy during this time.


Fr. John.