Reinstitution of Weekend Masses

Dear Parishioners,

We are beginning weekend Masses from the weekend of 03/04 October 2020. Please keep a copy of this information (or download a copy of my Letter below) in order to know when you can come to Mass. There will be one Mass on Saturdays at 17:00 and one Mass on Sundays at 10:00. We are abiding by current Archdiocesan Directives for the celebration of Holy Mass in this time of the Covid-19 Pandemic. This means that we can only operate at 30% of the Church’s capacity, which translates to 90 people per congregation per Mass. We have divided the parish into groupings and Masses will be assigned to various groups on the weekend. Each group has a contact person who you have to contact to reserve your place at the various Masses. The groups, along with their contact person, are as follows:

Group 1SaxonseaBarry Koopman 082 532 4483
Group 2AvondaleAnna Lackay 078 319 6418
Group 3Robinvale Beacon Hill Protea ParkVivienne Frans 064 682 5911
Group 4Sherwood Park Extension 12 Kannon KopYolanda Lameyer 078 133 6556

Roster for Masses until December

I have assigned the masses in such a way that each group gets a chance to come to both Saturday evening and Sunday Morning Masses.

October 2020

Saturday 10 October 17:00Group 1
Sunday 11 October 10:00Group 2
Saturday 17 October 17:00Group 3
Sunday 18 October 10:00Group 4
Saturday 24 October 17:00Group 2
Sunday 25 October 10:00Group 1
Saturday 31 October 17:00Group 4

November 2020

Sunday 01 November 10:00Group 3
Saturday 07 November 17:00Group 1
Sunday 08 November 10:00Group 2
Saturday 14 November 17:00Group 3
Sunday 15 November 10:00Group 4
Saturday 21 November 17:00Group 2
Sunday 22 November 10:00Group 1
Saturday 28 November 17:00Group 4
Sunday 29 November 10:00Group 3

December 2020

Saturday 05 December 17:00Group 1
Sunday 06 December 10:00Group 2
Saturday 12 December 17:00Group 3
Sunday 13 December 10:00Group 4
Saturday 19 December 17:00Group 2
Sunday 20 December 10:00Group 1
Saturday 26 December 17:00Group 4
Sunday 27 December 10:00Group 3

The Masses for Christmas will be published closer to the time.

Please Note: It is essential for you to book the Mass you will be attending, as we are trying to minimise the need to turn people away. However, if more than 90 people arrive for Mass, we will out of necessity be turning people away to maintain the correct number.

I realise that there will be hiccups in the process of reinstituting Masses, but these should be ironed out as time goes on. Thank you for your understanding and cooperation!


Fr. John