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Parish Website Update – PPC/PFC/APC

Dear Parishioners, As we gear up towards the PPC Nominations and Elections, we can anticipate a number of publications to be received from the Archdiocese on this topic. To avoid spamming everyone each time an update is received, these resources / updates will not be published on the homepage of our Parish Website, as that … Continue reading

Archdiocesan Devotion for the Feast of the Assumption

Please join us in our Archdiocesan Devotion for the Feast of the Assumption. Please note that this is only a Devotion / Benediction and will not be a Celebration of Holy Mass. You will therefore need to attend Holy Mass at your own Parish in order to fulfil your Obligation. Venue: Our Lady Help of … Continue reading

2022 Archdiocesan Directory

For your convenience, all websites and email addresses in the directory are interactive. While browsing through it on your computer, simply click – or on your cellphone, tap – the address you want to go to and it will launch the website you wish to visit, or open your default email program with the address … Continue reading

Archdiocesan News 2 of 2022

Download below and read Edition 2 of the Archdiocesan News for 2022 or CLICK HERE to locate a copy on the Archdiocesan Website.

Amendments to the Parish’s Covid-19 Guidelines

Dear Parishioners, After an update by the Minister of Health to the Covid-19 Regulations as Gazetted on 22 June 2022, the following amendments to our Parish’s response to the Covid-19 Pandemic are herewith implemented with immediate effect; (1) It will no longer be a requirement to wear a face mask inside the church building. (2) … Continue reading


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